Friday, July 4, 2014

What to Do When It's Raining

It is the Fourth of July and with a strong front coming through plus hurricane Arthur coming up the coast, it is pouring outside with flash flood warnings in effect.  Besides finishing up some things that I needed for the show tomorrow - Stone Barn Farm 786 E. Horseneck Rd. in Dartmouth , from 2 to 5 PM, I looked over some of my recent pictures and one picture hit my eye. A common tern, rising from the water.

The picture was taken on Plymouth beach, during the period of civil dawn when the birds were a silhouette and there was color on the water.  However, the photograph taken in RAW was very flat and did not represent what I had seen.  Utilizing light room and Photoshop, plus Topaz plug-ins of denoise, clarity and detail.  I was able to come up with to photograph that represented what I had seen.

After processing