Sunday, August 17, 2014

Annual Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary Duck Derby

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, August 16 at Barney's Joy the site of the annual Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary Duck Derby.  The duck Derby is a major fundraiser for the sanctuary and because of generous sponsors.  All money raised goes to help the sanctuary protect the natural environment and help educate people through lectures, walks, schools and involvement and other local community activities.

The day started out with building of the gates that will be the finish line.  After the gates were built, the next item was to test out the race site to make sure that the ducks when released, would race to the finish line.  In the race, there would be 5778 ducks racing.  All the ducks were placed into a large net and then were brought down to the starting line.  The ducks were released simultaneously and off they raced toward the finish line.  The winning duck was number 4897, which we found out later was bought by a lady in Fall River.  The winning person now has to decide where in the world she wants to go for dinner for two.
Setting up the finish line
Testing out the racecourse
Young herring gull trying to eat one of the ducks
Filling the net
Bringing than that to the starting line
Releasing the ducks
The race is on
The winner
Checking the numbers
The remainder of the day was take can up by the Duck Derby Festival, which included games for the children, face painting, educational exhibits, music and a great five dollar barbecue.

Gina announcing the grand prize winner
Hopefully next year, when the race is announced, you will sponsor a duck to help the Audubon sanctuary, plus maybe win the grand prize of dinner for two anywhere in the world

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