Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Queen Anne's Lace
As I stated in my last blog, my plan today was to travel back to Daniel Webster and photograph the plants and spider webs covered with dew.  However, the weather forecasters were wrong and we did not get any fog, although my car was covered with moisture.  I arrived at Daniel Webster earlier than yesterday and the majority of plants and spider webs were dry with no dew on them.  I did some macro photography, since that was the equipment that I brought down to the area with me.  I did find a scorpion fly, so-called name because it's rear abdomen, is curled up like scorpions.  However, this insect is harmless and there of 54 species recognized in North America, all of which are located in the East.  The scorpion flies belong to the genius Panorpa.

Scorpion Fly

I stopped at the morning blind, saw the little blue Heron again and talk to my friend Dan.  I went back to the car, picked up my long lens and converters and went down to the afternoon blind.  The afternoon blind is named, because the light is better in the afternoon.  The one problem that I noticed with the afternoon blind.  That is great for bird watching, but on the right front side of the blind, the vegetation is very high, and it is hard to get a clean photograph.  The left front side is more open.  I watched the Glossy Ibis move from the right side, to the middle, and then right in front of us, but hidden by vegetation.  The Ibis finally moved into a clear shaded area on the right side and allowed the opportunity for photographs.

Glossy Ibis
 A flight of Canada geese came over, and one of the photos that I took I named "Bombs Away", for the reason you will see when you look at the picture.
"Bombs Away."
 A couple of Canada geese put on a great show cleaning themselves.  They with duck their head into the water, then bring the had up up and sprayed water all over themselves.  When they finally finished, the Canada geese gave great wing flaps.  I knew they were going to do that from watching ducks and geese bathing, so I was prepared and able to obtain the photographs.

Canada Goose Bathing Sequence
Canada Goose Bathing Sequence

Canada Goose Bathing Sequence

Canada Goose Bathing Sequence

Canada Goose Bathing Sequence

Canada Goose Bathing Sequence

I will have to watch the weather report again, and when there is fog forecast I will check in the morning before I leave, because I really want those pictures of the flowers and spider webs back lit by the sun and covered with the morning dew.

So everybody keep on photographing and joy the natural world around us

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