Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Skimmer Ground Pod a Review

One of the best ways to obtain pictures of shorebirds, plus many other creatures is to get down to their level, rather than photographing them from above.  I have mainly utilize my tripods to do this, but, depending on which model I would use because some of them have center posts I could not get completely flat.  I noticed other photographers, utilizing the skimmer ground pod and photographers could be laying flat on the ground.  I decided to purchase one and see how it worked out.

The skimmer ground pod is approximately 10" in diameter and 1.5" high, the Skimmer's flat bottom allows it to slide and pan easily along the beach or mud without scooping up earth, protecting equipment from grit and moisture. The sides are turned out slightly to push sand and mud out and away, helping to keep debris from coming over the top. A protected area inside the plate can even be used to store teleconverters, extension tubes, and other incidentals for quick access while shooting.  The Skimmer was designed by photographers for photographers to meet our rigorous demands in the field.

The skimmer is made with heavy duty reinforced crush-proof molded plastic, weighs on the 15 ounces with an integrated raised mounting platform and a standard 3/8 -16 captive stainless steel bolt.  The bolt will accommodate a quick release clamp, a ball-head or a gimbal head, depending on what your preference is.  I utilized a gimbal head, which for me is me more freedom of movement.  The skimmer also has a reinforced attachment point to which you can add a clip or a lanyard to attach it to your belt or your camera bag.  Because the skimmer is plastic.  It is easy to clean and you can remove the stainless steel bolt with the hex wrench which is supplied.

The skimmer pod is available from Hunts Photo, and because you are a reader of my blog by clicking this URL you'll be able to purchase the skimmer at a 10% discount which is good until December 31, 2014.  You also can also call our store at (800) 221-1830 and use promos code: VaBit to purchase over the phone

The photographs of me were taken by my grandson Kyle.