Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Antares Rocket Space Space a Big Bang!!

After the Antares rocket launch got scrubbed on Monday and was rescheduled for Tuesday, four of us went to Gooseberry hopefully to capture the launch.  We were keeping our fingers crossed, because the sky was mostly cloudy.  We set up on the west side of the island on a high dune which gave us a good view of the sky and the towers.  The sky.  After sunset did have some nice colors.
The sky waiting for the launch

On a cell phone, we connected to the site and watch the live lift off of the rocket.  We then set our cameras up to take interval pictures and did shut off the cell phone.  After the time passed when the rocket should've been able to be seen.  And we did not see it, we quit and left for home.  On the way home on the news I heard the rocket exploded six seconds after launch.  If we kept on watching we would've known what happened.  Oh well, it was a nice night and any time you are out photographing it's better than sitting in front of the television.

Where we hoped to see the rocket flight

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