Friday, October 31, 2014

Luck with a Green Heron

Like many people say, and I agree with, be ready to shoot.  You never know what will appear.  Last month, prior to me coming down with bronchitis and falling and hurting my back I was down on the beach at Allens Pond photographing the shorebirds that were running around in front of me.  I was utilizing my 500 mm F/4 lens with a 1.7 converter on it on a tripod with a Rigid Gimbal Head.  Walking back to the field station, right at the culvert, I glanced to my left and in the bushes was a Green Heron.  From watching green heron activity, usually here in the north, if they notice you, they will fly right away.  I immediately set down my tripod and captured some pictures, even though I was shooting through some bushes.  The green heron started acting like it was going to dive down and capture a prey and I got a few pictures of this activity.  Then the heron straightened up and allowed me to adjust where I was photographing from and got some images of the heron with out the bushes in front.  What was great about it, there was two of us photographing the heron, and it did not fly away.  Sometimes luck is with you.

Green Heron

Green Heron Looking like It Is Going to Go after a Prey

Green Heron with with Its Neck Stretched out

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