Monday, October 20, 2014

Night Sky Preview at Gooseberry

Big Dipper
Last evening was the first day I have been out photographing since I came down with the bronchitis and then fell down and hurt my back and shoulder. In preparation for tonight's-weather permitting-Orionoids meteor shower, I traveled out to Gooseberry out on a scouting trip. According to our local weather forecasters the skies was supposed to be clear. Arriving at Gooseberry, there were more clouds than clear areas in the sky. Looking to the north Andromeda was visible as well as the North Star, although there were many clouds in the area. I decided to take a series of time lapses to see what I would capture. After arriving home and importing the pictures, I selected all those images and took the first one and processed it in Lightroom, then synchronized the rest of selected images. I then exported all images as layers into Photoshop. In Photoshop, I first selected all the images, but the first one, changed their blend mode to lighten which gave me a picture with star trails and interesting looking clouds.

After importing that picture back into Lightroom, in the edit menu of Photoshop, taking the original pictures, I then auto blended them into a stack which gave a different perspective to the star trails. This picture also was re-imported into Lightroom.
 Next in light room in the slideshow module I use the same set of images to create a video.

Back on Gooseberry, the clouds cleared over the South-Southwest and the Milky Way was visible and I created a four image, and a three image panorama to show the beauty of the Milky Way over the island.
Milky Way three image Panorama

Milky Way four image panaorama

Because the clouds seem to be reoccurring and covering the stars, I left Gooseberry, but did stop at Westport Harbor and take a picture of the harbor with the stars above it.

The weatherman are forecasting partly cloudy to cloudy skies tonight. They were wrong last night, so maybe they'll be wrong tonight. I will be back out at Gooseberry, starting at 10 o'clock to take more pictures of the Milky Way, and then the Orionoids meteor shower. Hopefully! 

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