Sunday, October 26, 2014

Savannah Sparrow at Sachuest, Plus a Little Bit of Gooseberry

Since my back is feeling somewhat better, still has a dull ache,  I went out Saturday to Gooseberry to gather some landscape photos for the e-book that I am writing on " Photography at Gooseberry" and Sunday morning travel to Sachuest national wildlife refuge, hoping to capture some deer pictures.

Saturday, at Gooseberry, the weather was beautiful, sunny and a little windy.  Because of the inclement weather and storms we've had recently there was a large amount of wrack on the east side beaches.  It would've been a great day for a beach ramble.  There was a large amount of fresh shells, and the seaweed, instead of being broken up into small pieces was there in larger clumps.  There also was a lot of people out enjoying the Gooseberry walking and observing our natural world around us.

I arrived at Sachuest on Sunday, prior to sunrise.  There was a large amount the clouds in the East, which made for some interesting patterns, but also cut down on the amount of color in the sky.  Despite checking all around, I did not see any deer, which disappointed me.  However, a Savannah sparrow was foraging in the grass island in the middle of the parking lot and was not very skittish.  Laying down in the grass, I was able to photograph the Savannah sparrow at eye level, until it disappeared into deeper grass.  Hopefully, that coming back in a late afternoon, I will be able to see and capture some deer photographs.

Monday evening I am going to try to capture the Antares Rocket launch from Wallops Island in Virginia.

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