Monday, October 6, 2014

"Organizing and Locating Your Images Using Adobe Lightroom" John Shaw e-book Help

About three weeks ago I purchased an e-book from John Shaw entitled"Organizing and Locating Your Images Using Adobe Lightroom".  This book is not about how to use light room, but how to organize and find your images with light room.  John Shaw's book has given me new ideas on how to organize my pictures in light room and I have utilized a number of his suggestions.  Like he says in his e-book not all of his suggestions will be easy and some will be tedious.  I agree, if you can't locate of image, it is of no use to you.  I have incorporated some of his workflow into my cataloging of images and yet have kept some of my old workflow that I understand from continuous use.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been making changes to my cataloging workflow and just recently have gone back into older pictures and cleaned up my catalog by removing duplicates and making it easier to find what pictures that I know I have but because the way the catalog was set up,  I could not easily find them.  Now that has improved.  Reading the e-book you may not agree with everything, but there are many tricks that he shows you that will improve your workflow.  My feeling is, once you import pictures into Lightroom, you need to keyword them.  I have previously told you that I have taken my keywords and arrange them in a hierarchical fashion, which makes them easier to find and add to photographs.  With keywording you can find what you need when you are looking for them.

I still have a large number of photographs that are not keyworded, although they were once keyworded, due to the fact that I lost the keywords when I changed computers.

John Shaw gives you his basic set up and of course you can modify that due to your own needs.  The book is available for purchase at $10, which is money well spent