Thursday, January 8, 2015

Comet Lovejoy

Night Sky at the Stone Barn
Starting now, if the night sky is clear, and the moon rising an hour later every night and headed toward a full moon, the major winter constellation Orion is visible in the sky.  What makes it more interesting is that the Comet Lovejoy is present in the sky to the right of Orion.  You need to look for a fuzzy green ball in the sky, which is the comet.  The magnitude of the comet is around 4 and can be visible to the naked eye, or easily seen with a pair of binoculars.

Last night I was out at the Stone Barn, set my camera up to capture the sky around Orion.  As the wind picked up, the temperature fell in the wind chill increased, I sat in my car and search the sky with the binoculars.  I finish photographing just before the moonrise and inspecting the pictures after downloading them, I was lucky enough to capture Orion, Comet Lovejoy, and the meteor in the same frame.
To Help You Locate the Objects

If the night sky is clear.  Dress warm and visualize the beauty that is our universe.

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