Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Morning in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Drake Mallard After Bathing
The weather has been still cold, but today the weather was into the low 30s.  I traveled out to Plymouth and went initially to Cordage Park, because the other day, my son was out there and told me that there was in the pond, an area of open water with decent birds.  There was a small area of open water filled with mallards and mainly ring-billed gulls along with some hen bufflehead's, drake and hen ring-necked ducks, along with a pair of mute swans.

Ring-billed Gull Coming in for Landing

Ring-billed Gull Various Years
Ring-billed Gull
Ring-billed Gull Bathing
"two guys and a gal" Ringed-Necked Ducks
Drake ringed-Necked Duck With Two Hen Bufflehead
I needed to step into the snow up to almost my knees to get close to the fence so I could photograph the birds.  When the mallards first saw you approaching the fence, the mallards all swam toward you expecting to be fed.
Mallards looking for food
After finishing photographing the avian life at Cordage Park, I then drove down and to the big parking lot at Plymouth Harbor.  All this winter, every time I've been traveling down to this area.  I have been looking for the Iceland gull, which returns every year.  I have been shut out until today when I was able to capture the Iceland gull in flight.

Iceland Gull in Flight
The tide was way up and if the harbor wasn't frozen and if there was waves, we would've been flooded.  The reason for this is that today is a new Moon, plus the new Moon is a super-moon leading to astronomically high tides.

Because of all the snow we had, when I went to Jenny Pond.  It was hard getting close to where it was easy to photograph the ducks in the pond because of the height of the drips which were up to my waist.  Hopefully, as they start clearing the snow way will be the easier to photograph the ducks in the open area of Jenney Pond.

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