Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Great Morning in Plymouth

Red-shouldered Hawk
Monday morning I spent in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and had a very productive morning.  We started out at Jenney Pond.  First, we were looking for the wood duck which we could not find.  Utilizing crack corn we were able to bring most of the mallards in and I was able to get some flight shots, utilizing my 70-200 mm lens with it 2X converter.  Suddenly all of ducks took off and flew.  Why?  Looking up, we saw a hawk flying overhead, which then landed in a nearby tree.  We slowly approached the hawk, and utilizing my 500 mm lens with a 1.4 converter on it, we were able to get many pictures of the red-shouldered hawk.  After the hawk flew off, a bread-breasted merganser swam by in the river and I was able to capture it with my camera.

Next, we traveled down to two Plymouth Harbor, to the parking lot behind The East Side Grille, where we found in the small area of open water, common eiders, feeding.  The eiders were catching clams and crabs.  Suddenly, herring gulls decided that they wanted the choice morsels that the eiders were catching and started attacking the eiders.  Most of the time, the eiders dove, to get away and was able to eat the prey.  One time however, the gull caused the eider to drop the food under the water, with the gull dove and got the clam and so it got to enjoy the food.

On the bridge leading to the jetty there was a third year great black-backed gull.

The last stop was Cordage Park, where the main attraction was mallards.  And again, utilizing crack corn were able to get a number of flight pictures.

I took the pictures from the day and turned it into a video slideshow which can be seen at:

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