Thursday, April 16, 2015

Boston Public Gardens

This past Saturday, my grandson flew in from Washington DC to spend some time with me.  This was present for his 15th birthday.  I picked them up at the airport and since it was early in the morning, we traveled into Boston and parked at the Boston Common underground garage.  We started the day touring around first at the Public Gardens, then continuing to Boston Commons, down to Faneuil Hall and finally ending up at the harbor.  We both had a great time being with each other, and photographing the various sights.

Public Garden Lagoon
The Public Gardens was designated in 1838.  Finally in 1859, an act of the legislature and the citizens of Boston confirmed the indenture.  George F Meacham was the architect who laid out the landscape plan of the 24 acres.  During the 19th century, there was built are added for granite basins wood fountains, the perimeter iron fence and gates, the bridge crossing lagoon, along with the equestrian
 statue of George Washington and the Ether Monument.

George Washington
Ether Fountain
The Bridge
The swans boats, designed by Robert Paget first appeared in the lagoon in 1877.  At present, the Paget family still operates the Swan boats.

The day my grandson I visited, the lagoon hadn't been completely filled yet, the Swan boats were not out, and the plantings were just starting to show through the ground.  All this because of the severe snowy winter we had.

The oldest Monument in the Public Gardens is the Ether Fountain, which commemorates the discovery anesthesia can qualities of ether.  The granite figures portray the parable of the good Samaritan.
Good Samaritan atop the Ether Fountain
The equestrian statue of George Washington, took four years for the plaster cast and the final bronzing had to wait till after the Civil War.

George Washington
Four bronze statues are on the side of the Gardens facing Boylston Street.  They include Charles Sumner, Wendell Phillips, Thomas Cass and Thaddeusx Kosciuszko.

Thaddeusx Kosciuszko
Thomas Cass
Wendell Phillips
Charles Sumner
Other bronze statues include William Ellery Channing and Edward Everett Hale.
Edward Everett Hale.
The duckling sculpture was presented to the city in 1987 and based on the bestseller "Make I Way for Ducklings"
Duckling Sculpture in their Easter Bonnets
In order to enjoy and photograph the Public Gardens, you need to arrive early before the tourist crowds gather.  Although, there will be many people running throughout the gardens.

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