Monday, April 20, 2015

Castle Island, Boston, Massachusetts

Sunset over Boston
I was born and bred in Boston, despite that for all the times I've been down to South Boston to swim at Carson beach, I have never been visited Castle Island.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and the last Friday night, we went down to photograph the sunset over Boston from Castle Island and also obtained a photograph of Orion and Venus over Fort Independence and the granite obelisk memorial to Donald McKay, who was known for the clipper ships that he built.

Orion and Venus over Fort Independence and the Donald McKay Monument
South Boston Shipping Terminal
Saturday, we returned and photograph the various monuments, the obelisk and the fort, plus we walked on the Head Island Causeway out to Head Island.  Head Island has a small circular path known as the "Sugar Bowl"

Normally there are usually many gulls around the causeway, but today there was almost a lack of gulls flying around.  However, we found a pair of American oystercatchers feeding on a sandbar in Pleasant Bay.

On one of the light posts, the glass globe had a hole in it and a house sparrow made a nest in it.

Light with a House Sparrow

There has been a fort on Castle Island, since 1634.  In 1703 Castle William was built by the British, who destroyed the island fortifications when the British evacuated Boston.  The fort was repaired under the directions of Paul Revere and in 1799 the fort was dedicated his Fort Independence.  The present fort is the eighth fort on the island and was built under the direction of Col. Sylvanus Thayer, the father of West Point.
Fort Independence across Pleasure Bay from the Head Island Causeway
Monument to the soldiers and sailors of South Boston who served in the Korean War
Memorial to Robert Greene, firefighter who lost his life saving a child in a fire
Fort Independence
Clipper Ship Monument to Donald McKay

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