Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Combine Photos Using Light Room and Photoshop

I had photographed a Drake Mallard by some dandelions and it had its mouth open, however, I cut its feet off.  Thank God, the next picture, I did not cut the feed off, however, the mallards mouth was closed.  I decided to utilize Photoshop to see if I could combine the pictures and I was able to get the head with its mouth open on the body that had the feet showing.

Here are my steps:
First, I selected both images.  Then processed one of the image and then sync the settings with the other image Step two -   In the Photo Menu >Edit In > Open  as Layers in Photoshop.

Step three  -  now in Photoshop highlight both of the images, in the Edit Menu >  Auto-Align Layers.  Choose Auto then click OK.

Step four  -  you now have your image aligned with the head with the open mouth on the body that has the feet.  Finally crop the image and save it back into Lightroom.

I hope this brief tutorial gave you some ideas, and let me know if you tried it and it worked.

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