Friday, June 19, 2015

Common Tern - Sterna hirundo Fishing

Common Tern Hovering Looking for Fish
When you are out photographing, sometimes events happen that change your decision on what you will going to photograph.  I was out at Gooseberry planning to do some macro work, when I saw a fisherman coming up from the beach, and I asked him if he had any luck.  He told me that he did not have any luck.  However, the terns were flying close to the shore and fishing for the baitfish that was running.  After hearing this, I changed my mind went back to my car and changed from a macro lens to my 80-400 lens and went down to the beach and spent my time photographing the terns as they hovered and looking for fish and dove into the water trying to catch the baitfish.  About the only problem I had was when a turned caught a fish and came up out of the water.  It flew away from me, given the only a picture of its rear end.
Common Tern Hovering Looking for Fish

Common Tern Diving to Catch a Fish
Common Tern in Flight

Common Tern Hovering Looking for Fish

A Big Splash As a Common Tern Is Coming Out Of the Water

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