Saturday, June 13, 2015

Piping Plovers at Allens Pond

Finally, after many trips to the beach loop at Allens Pond, I finally was able to photograph some of this year's piping plovers.  Arriving at the beach loop, we saw down the beach running in and out of the water a small bird.  At first we thought it may have been a semipalmated plover, but as we got closer we were able to identify it as a piping plover.  Making our way slowly down the beach, we end up seeing two different piping plovers.  They were both feeding, but one was aggressive toward the other.

Walking back toward the path leading from the beach loop toward the road, a piping plover, in the area where in previous years there was a nest of a piping plover, a piping plover was angry with us being near that area by approach and us closely and displaying to move us away from this area.  This makes me think that finally, a piping plover family is nesting in this area.  Well will have to keep an eye on this area to see if this is true.

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Remember Monday, June 15, marks 10 years for Nature Photography Day:  a time for discovery and inspiration.  And the natural world offers so many opportunities to be creative.

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