Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mid June Night Sky

It was a beautiful clear night and I decided that we would go out to Gooseberry after dropping off a son at work and photograph the Milky Way, plus the opportunity to capture Venus and Jupiter and the same frame.  Arriving at Gooseberry, there were a moderate number of cars present, and a group of people would down on the beach with a bonfire.  However, with a group of people were did not interfere with our photography.

First, looking over Rhode Island Sound (Atlantic Ocean) toward the shore of Rhode Island, they were actually three bright objects in a row, Venus, Jupiter and Regulus.  Toward the end of the month, Jupiter and Venus will approach the closest conjuncture that they will have until October 2017.  Starting around June 18, you will be able to see the crescent moon below, Jupiter, Venus and Regulus.
Venus, Jupiter and Regulus, Looking toward Rhode Island Over Rhode Island Sound
Venus, Jupiter and Regulus With Text

The Milky Way is rising in the south, and as the month progresses, the Milky Way will rise higher in the sky and start moving toward the west.
Milky Way Panorama, Utilizing 24 Mm Lens

Milky Way, Utilizing 14 Mm Lens

At the end of the month.  I am planning on a workshop not only to photograph the Milky Way, but also to photograph fireflies.  Keep tuned for more information.

Besides the Milky Way, Venus, Jupiter, and Regulus the Big Dipper was shining brightly in the sky.  The only problem Gooseberry is the amount of light pollution that is present along the shore from northeast through the northwest.
Big Dipper