Thursday, June 4, 2015

Willet - Tringa semipalmata Eating a Crab

Willet Feeding on a Crab
After very cloudy dreary morning on Wednesday, in the afternoon I went down to Nelson Park in Plymouth, Massachusetts to see what was available to photograph.  The tide was outgoing, and the number of semipalmated plovers were feeding on the beach.  What I decided to write about today is watching a Willet catching and feeding on a crab.  It would shake the crab drop it into the water pick it up again and repeated a number of times until it finally ate the crab.  What made this event even better, was the Willet was not disturbed by my presence, probably do that he had a small comfort zone.  A black-bellied plover would fly off when you are within 25 yards of approaching the plover.  I assembled the photos into a slideshow video for your enjoyment.

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