Friday, June 5, 2015

Plovers, Set, and Nature Photography Day

Yesterday afternoon we returned to Nelsons park in the beach to see if we could find anything new.  In the grass failed, by the parking lot, a pair of killdeers were voicing their displeasure at us as we were in the area.  In fact, one of the killdeers flew to the wall and did not give a broken wing display acted like she was injured, which made me think that they either had a nest, or young ones in the area.  I believe they have young ones somewhere around because both killdeers were up and moving.
Killdeer in Injured Pose

Killdeer Vocalizing

The tide was low and the mud flats at the beach had a number of semipalmated plovers running up and down and feeding.  I was able to photograph one plover eating a large sand worm.
Semipalmated Plover Eating a Sand Worm

Semipalmated Plover Eating a Sand Worm

Semipalmated Plover Eating a Sand Worm

Semipalmated Plover Eating a Sand Worm

In the water, between Nelson and Long Beach.  There was a feeding frenzy going on with gulls, terns and a great blue Heron.

As it was getting closer to sunset, we traveled up to Manomet Point to photograph the sunset over Whitehorse Beach and Plymouth.  There were low clouds in the sky, and as the sunset, the clouds in the sky were lit up with color, which continue to at least 15 minutes after sunset.  They were reds, yellows and oranges.  For these pictures,  I used my Nikon D810, Nikon 80 to 400, all on a tripod,ISO 125 in manual mode and utilize live view.  I set the camera for a two second delay in shutter release to stop vibrations in the mirror and used a remote release.  I also took some sets of bracketed pictures which I processed in LightRoom utilizing their new HDR interface.
Sunset at Manomet Point

After Sunset at Manomet Point

After Sunset at Manomet Point

June 15:  Nature Photography Day Celebrates 10 Years
A camera, time, and your imagination can be the best ways to celebrate Year 10 of Nature Photography Day.! Nature Photography Day is a time to appreciate how images influence our world.

Looking for ways to enjoy the day?  Take yourself on a photo adventure. Teachers and students: Explore a setting you haven’t yet photographed, and arrange to shoot on June 15. Show children how to photograph flowers or trees in their backyard or other places close to home. Inspiration and beauty can be close by.  
For those people who are interested, I will be at Allens Pond, Dartmouth Massachusetts at 8 AM on June 15, come rain or shine to photograph the beauty that surrounds us.  Everybody is welcome

Plus, NANPA is hosting two separate events on Facebook.

1. The Nature Photography Day Member Event is back, and so is our page on Facebook! Take images on June 15, and upload one for the event section.  

2. New this year on NANPA’s Facebook Group Page:  a special photo contest sponsored by Tamron, Red River Paper, Hunt’s and NANPA.
For details, visit

On June 15, see where your photography takes you!