Monday, August 3, 2015

Beach Ramble, and Upcoming Duck Derby

Doug Explaining a Finding to the Group
Saturday, at Allens Pond.  Doug let another interesting beach ramble.  It was a small group, but there were many subjects to see ranging from a rabbit, shorebirds, flowers and berries and the usual interesting items that are found along a beach.  Additionally at the culvert a lady crab was swimming around and as the lady crab swam past the drainage pipes a blue crab appeared out the drainage pipe.
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Cottontail Rabbit

Greater Yellowlegs in Flight

Turks-cap Iris photographed from underneath

Rose Hip

American Oystercatcher

Rocks and Water

Least Sandpipers

Lady Crab

Blue Crab

Great Egret in Flight

I want to remind people that Allens Pond annual Duck Derby will take place on August 15th...get your ducks today - it's safe, it's online and then it's ON!… Remember first prize is dinner for two anywhere in the world.  So by your ducks today and enter the race.