Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tamarac Park, Lakeville, Massachusetts

For all of those who have been following my blog, knows that I like Tamarac Park in Lakeville, Massachusetts as a great place not only for macro photography, birdwatching and viewing nature.  I was there today to photograph changes that were occurring.  The best news, the friends of Tamarac, or cleaning out invasive plants and will plant native species and clean up the area.  Tamarac has place for everybody to enjoy from nature lovers, photographers, families and fishermen.  To me.  One of the big problems is that people leave messes behind, bottles, paper and all sorts of debris.  Hopefully as the area gets cleaned up and improved that the spoiling of the natural beauty by humans of discarding "crap"..
Cleaning out the Invasive
Plot Plan for Tamarac
The variety of wildlife seen today was immense.  Many different species of dragonflies, including Halloween Pennant.  The wild sumac flowers were blooming and pokeberry (poke weed) are forming.  In the shot.  Of time that I was there I identified at least 14 different species of birds.
Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina

Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina
Slaty Skimmer - Libellula incesta
Sumac Flower
Tamarac Park is a long route 105/18 in Lakeville, Massachusetts, headed south and is at the backside of Long Pond and across the road from Assawompset.  As I've said before a great place to visit and to enjoy.

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