Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shorebird Migration

Definitely there is an increase in shorebird migration, including the ones we saw previously at Nelson Beach as reported in the last blog, Horseneck Beach and Gooseberry in Westport are showing an increasing number of shorebirds.  At Horseneck we were able to see around six whimbrels and obtained some great photographs.  There were three plovers, black-bellied, semipalmated, and a piping..  Large number of sanderlings were running along the beach.
Whimbrel Preparing to Take off
Whimbrel in Flight
Gooseberry, besides the normal semipalmated plovers and semipalmated sandpipers, there were at least a dozen ruddy turnstones.  At the tip of Gooseberry, we met up with Bob Stymeist and Henry Zimberlin and as we were walking around to the west side, we came across a large sandpiper, first thinking it was a spotted but, on further observation, it turned out to be a rarity for the area: Upland Sandpiper.
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Ruddy Turnstones
Upland Sandpiper
At the tip of Gooseberry. There were a large number of terns including common, foresters, roseate's and way out in the distance black terns.

Common Terns
Least Tern at Horseneck
One occurrence that made the day, was the weather.  It was overcast and though there was rain around us.  In the distance.  We did not have any and this help decrease the number of people on the beaches.  So if you have a chance to get out along the shore, there should be many opportunities for watching the migration of shorebirds and hopefully to photograph different species.