Friday, August 21, 2015

The Morning at Plymouth

Waking up to a thunderstorm this morning, I checked the weather forecast and found that Plymouth would not have any rain until about 11 AM.  The gang piled into the car and we went to Plymouth's starting at Nelson's Beach.  The tide was out and there were many shorebirds running around.  We were able to photograph semipalmated plovers, semipalmated sandpipers, greater yellowlegs, plus seeing and photographing herring gull, Ring-billed gull, laughing gull and great black-backed gull.  Most of the semipalmated sandpipers that we saw were this year's hatching, since their colors and feathers were so bright.

Least Sandpiper
Ring-Billed Gull
Laughing Gull
Semipalmated Plovers in Flight
Also, on the Osprey nest was one Osprey which finally took off and flew around and then came back and landed on the nest, giving us some good flight pictures.  I second Osprey came in and circled around and then went back out into Plymouth Bay.

Osprey Landing on Nest
After finishing up at Nelson's.  We traveled over to Jenny pond and besides the usual docs, we photographed Great Blue Heron, and Black-capped Night-Heron.  Standing on the bridge, first hoping that the belted Kingfisher would come back so we did get some photographs.  We turned our attention beneath us, and there were a number of painted turtles swimming in the pond.  Although we photographed the painted turtles without a polarizer, In LightRoom by utilizing the dehaze filter.  We were able to take away the reflections on the top of the water.

Great Blue Heron
Juvenile Black-Crowd Night Heron in Flight
Painted Turtles Swimming Underwater
We then stopped at the Lobster Pound to pick up some lobster bisque and I searched the rocks for birds, there were double-crested Cormorants, herring gulls, great black back gulls, common loon, tree swallows, but swallows northern rough-winged swallows and cliff swallows.  Leaving Manomet Point, we started to hit some rain and headed home having a great morning.

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