Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gooseberry, Birds and Weather

Lincoln's Sparrow
Before I write about yesterday shoot, let me tell you my tale of woe.  What are my hard disks that had all my pictures from 2015 had a malfunction and I lost my pictures..  First thing that I did was go to my backup site that is on the cloud.  I utilize Backblaze as my backup agent.  They furnished me with a hard drive containing my backup for the hard disks that failed.  I did have to wait a week before I received it.  I did have to pay for the hard disk but that was all right because there was over a terabit of data and it would take in ages just to download the data.  I then went and tried some recovery options that I had and I recovered files, but they were in a folder that for some reason I could not find or access.  So all the pictures I took since the drive corruption, I did import into Lightroom and save the cards to I made sure everything was back in place.  If you are interested you can go to Backblaze and see their offerings, and if you use this URL you get a free month of service.  Plus, I also will get a free month  Enough of that, now for the fun.

Earlier in the week we were out at Gooseberry and the migrants were coming through and we were able to photograph a number of different sparrows, including a Lincoln's sparrow.  So yesterday the kids and I decided to go back to Gooseberry to see what we could photograph.  It was partly cloudy when we left home with a little wind blowing.  When we got to Gooseberry.  The wind was really blowing and the waves were crashing against the rocks and the causeway.  The sparrows with their but because of the wind.  The birds were staying mainly in the bushes and it was harder to get clear photographs.
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
In the Southwest, the sky was clouding up and darkening and you could see a storm coming.  At this point I changed from bird photography to landscape photography.  I love the look of the way the waves were crashing.  It started darkening over us and some very light rain started.  Suddenly there were three strikes of lightning close by, so we packed up and headed home in a torrential downpour until we reach Fall River and the sky was much clearer and no rain.  Now the nice part of when I was photographing the storm I was videoing at the time of the lightning.  It was able to capture it on video.
Storm Coming In

The Waves Coming in and the Clouds Swarming