Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Great Day Birding and a Poor Day Photographing

Monday, my friend Doug and I we went out birding and picked up a good number of sea ducks and seabirds.  The problem was all those birds were way offshore and too far for any decent photographs.  There was a number of passerine's, around, but they were very skittish and would only perch for a second, which did not allow any photographs.

There was an area where the ground cover was starting to change colors even though there was no color in the trees as most of the leaves on the deciduous trees had fallen.
Ground Color
At the parking lot on Gooseberry, a gentleman was feeding the gulls, which allowed me to capture some photographs of ring-billed gulls hovering and in flight.
Ring-billed Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Like I said a day out in the field with beautiful weather is always a great feeling.  But remember, do not be afraid to go out in inclement weather because it will change perspectives.

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