Sunday, November 15, 2015

Franklin Gull No

Atlantic Brant in flight
There have been reported on the East Coast numbers of Franklin Gulls.  Friday they were reported at Nelson Beach and around Plymouth Rock.  Decided on Saturday morning to start out at Nelson Beach.  Hopefully, to find this rare gull for the East Coast.  We joined a number of people who were scoping out all the goals on the beach.  We stayed there around an hour and a half and then also searched out Plymouth Harbor in the waters near Plymouth Rock.  No Franklin gulls.  However did see Bonaparte's gulls and obtained a number of flight pictures and some other interesting species.

Bonaparte gull, Ring-billed gulls, and Herring gulls
American Black duck in flight
Atlantic Brant in flight
Common Raven
black-backed gull first winter feeding on a dead gull

hybrid Mallard
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