Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Topaz Texture Effects

Topaz today is releasing new addition to the Topaz family of products: Topaz Texture Effects

Texture Effects allows users to create a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software. The program includes a library of over 150 expertly crafted effects, an extensive collection of texture assets (275+ high-resolution assets!), and instant access to effects other Topaz users have shared with the new Topaz Community. That means no more scouring the web for a look that inspires you. With Texture Effects, inspiration is only a click away!

Works as Standalone, Plugin and External Editor. Topaz Texture Effects does not require a host editor and can work free standing. It is also possible to use it as a plugin in Photoshop and external editor in Lightroom.
Check out this Quick Intro Guide to see some of the notable features we are most excited about: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhx3phiyv51mysw/Quick_Intro.pdf?dl=0

Watch these short Texture Effects Tips (under 2 minutes each) videos highlighting how to use the most important areas in Texture Effects:

Browse and Download Effects: https://youtu.be/AyMxRry-74c
Creating Custom Effects: https://youtu.be/eOwcrg1tsrI
Importing Your Own Assets: https://youtu.be/TmMOpSNpsB0
Save & Share: https://youtu.be/19mUGQyWzEg

 Topaz Texture Effects will be on sale from November 10th through November 20th. It will retail for $69.99, however, they can purchase for only $49.99 ($20 off) until November 20th by using this coupon code: TEXTUREFX. You can link directly to the Texture Effects product page with this URL:

Texture Effects will allow your creative ability foodgrain to create an image to your liking.  I have been working with texture effects in a beta version, which did allow me full control over how the image appeared.  Here are a couple of examples of my creations.
Original – Old Barn on the Prairie
Original – Old Barn on the Prairie with the Sky Replaced
Old Barn on the Prairie, after Treatment with Topaz Texture Effects
Original – Old Pump House in Montana
Old Pump House in Montana after Being Processed in Topaz Texture Effects

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