Monday, November 9, 2015

Do Not Forget to Review Older Pictures in Your Catalog

A question for my readers.  How many of you go back and review all the pictures in your catalog? The reason I ask is that last year I wrote a blog about processing some older pictures as I was going through my catalog and keywording pictures.

Since the last few days I have not been feeling up to snuff, I decided to go back and look at all the pictures from 2010.  I found a number of pictures that I had processed, but on new inspection.  I really did not like the way they looked.  Since I do have the original raw file I decided to reprocess a number of the pictures, utilizing all the new techniques that I have learned plus the improvements that have occurred in Lightroom and ACR.

I also found pictures that I forgot I had or that should have been published previously.  It has been enjoyable doing this and here are some of the new results.

Great blue heron diving for food
Marbled Godwit with Mole Crab in Its Beak
River Otter
Black-Tailed Deer
Crested Guan
Savannah National Wildlife Refuge
Wild Turkeys Running in the Snow in My Backyard
Dot-tailed Whiteface Dragonflies Mating
Grayish Saltator
Wood Stork Landing at Nest