Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mosquitoes from H--l

I have returned from my trip to the Everglades.  Why the title?  I always thought the worst mosquitoes were in northern New England.  Well, I was wrong!  They are in the Everglades.  Why, well I been down to the Everglades previously in December and February, and really never had a problem with mosquitoes, since it is the dry season.  Here we are in the middle of December 2 months into the dry season in Florida and the water levels are like they normally are in the middle of the wet season.  With all the standing water for the crop of mosquitoes has grown.  If you step in the woods, even in mid-day, you are surrounded by mosquitoes.  At Flamingo visitor center, even when you used the bathroom you are attacked by mosquitoes.

One of the evenings we went out to photograph the sunset, and hopefully, the Geminid meteor shower.  We got already put on our bug spray and initially when we were at Pa-hay-okee the mosquitoes were not too bad.  As dusk and night started the mosquitoes were getting worse and they would find a spot not covered with repellent and bites you, and even by tooth through your close and through the repellent.  We spent more time swatting than taking pictures.  At least, when I was shooting the night sky, I was using the intervalometer in my camera so I did not have to keep pressing the button and I can use my hands to try to bat at the mosquitoes.  I even soaked my handkerchief with bug spray and put it covering my neck and ears, which helped a little.  The mosquitoes got so bad.  We finally just quit and went back to the hotel.  When I looked at myself in the mirror I had bites and bumps all over me.  The next morning, the bottom lid of my eyes was very swollen.  I do not know if it was an allergic reaction to the mosquitoes or to the all the bug spray that I used.  It took two days to finally clear up.

Anyway, despite the mosquitoes, we were able to capture some nice images that night.
Panorama Looking East up toward Miami at Sunset
Color Appeared Looking West after the Sunset
Northeast with a Geminid Meteor, The Clouds Are Illuminated from the Lights from Miami

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