Saturday, January 2, 2016

Annual Beach Ramble 2016

Beach Ramble
For the sixth year in a row, I participated in the annual New Year's day beach ramble at Allens Pond. The only thing missing was my compadre and leader Doug who buggered his knee and could not participate.  I led the ramble, and the only photography that I did was mainly a few scenics, but we will get into that later.  We had eight participants plus my son Aaron, Jenna and Don.  The day was cloudy, the temperature in the 40s and minimal wind, with everybody dressed appropriately.  It was very comfortable.  We started off at the field station and after introduction to Allens pond and what was available.  We headed down to the beach.  One of the participants had a spotting scope, which made it easier to see the birds that were at a distance.  There were the usual gulls and a number of different species of ducks.  The beach itself was really clean of wrack, but we did find enough shells to talk about the ecology of the area.  At times, the sun would break through the clouds and give us sun rays over the landscape.  At one point, the clouds broke in the blue skies gave the impression of a face looking down at us.
Taking turns to look to the spotting scope at the sea ducks and cormorants
The Face in the Sky
The Group along the Beach, Rambling
We had another successful ramble and everybody enjoyed it.  Prior to the ramble, the kids and I did stop at Gooseberry and then the photographing a group of very cooperative sanderlings who were busy feeding.  Normally, sanderlings will run out as the tide retreats and run back in as the tide comes in.  This group spent it's time out in the water, picking up food.

I hope everybody has a great New Year's and continue to enjoy our natural world around us.

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