Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jenny Pond and an Iceland Gull

Gadwall Taking Off
Since we have had a spell of cold weather and the ponds around here are starting to get ice, I decided to visit Jenney Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The reason for that is that the back side of the pond freezes and where the stream runs into the pond and leaves at the other end.  It causes the waterfowl to congregate closer and makes them easier to photograph.

There was enough action to make for some nice photographs with ducks flying in, flying out, plus flapping after bathing.  In fact, if the weather continues to stay cold.  This usually increases the concentration of waterfowl and species that are available in the area.  In fact, I am planning to take my Meetup group NANPA Photographers of Eastern Massachusetts, for a photo shoot.
Pair of Gadwalls
Gadwall Landing
Mallard Pair Together
Mallard Landing
After photographing at Jenney Pond.  We went down to the harbor, to the boat launching ramp which is behind East Bay Grill and was able to photograph the Iceland Gull that has been returning for many years.  We had to search all the gulls until we found the one that had white feathers at the tip of its wings.
Iceland Gull
Despite starting off in the high teens, with no wind and warming up to the 40s.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

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