Sunday, February 21, 2016

NANPA MeetUp at Jenney Pond

Great Blue Helen Dragging the Tip of Its Wing in the Water

Today, February 21.  I held an NANPA Eastern, Massachusetts, MeetUp group meeting at Jenney's Pond.  I was joined by Steve, who is a landscape photographer and wants to get into wildlife and birds.
The only problem with Jenney Pond today was that almost all of the ice has melted and so the waterfowl were scattered all over the pond, rather than being concentrated as it is when most of the pond is frozen over.  However, we had a great time.  First and foremost they  were to great blue herons, which gave us some great flight shots.  Most of the blue Heron flight photograph you see the herons flying from left to right or vice versa.  Today the Heron flew in circles and gave some interesting poses.

Great Blue Heron Flying at You
Great Blue Heron Flying with One Wing down
Great Blue Heron Flying with Its Wings Sidewards through the Trees

To help Steve with his flight shots, I utilize some cracked corn tossing the corn into the water and this caused the mallards to fly and give us some chances at flight shots.  I like that trick from Artie Morris and Glenn Bartley.  At least the corn is nutritious for the waterfowl rather than the bread that people bring to feed these birds.
Hen Mallard Flying toward Us with the Sun to Its Back
Drake Mallard Flying toward Us with the Sun behind Us
After we finished photographing, we all went and had a nice breakfast at a restaurant in Plymouth.  All my blog readers are invited to join the Meetup group, which is free and you do not have to be a member of NANPA.

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