Sunday, March 13, 2016

Aggressive Behavior

American Black duck and if you look closely at its speculum the border is black
Yesterday, I showed you how to remove and replace backgrounds.  Today's blog is just discussing the shoot at Jenney's Pond on Friday.

The swan gander and one of the Canada geese ganders were aggressive.  The mute swan would chase Canada geese.
 Mute swan with its wings half raised, known as busking, is a threat display
As other Canada geese started to come in where the Canada goose gander was it became very aggressive and chased them away.  It even chases them into flight.
Canada geese threatening each other
Canada goose, chasing another Canada goose into flight
Of all my pictures that I took on Friday, only 6% made it into keepers. I deleted all the pictures that were out of focus and tagged the 6% by color and star.  I am becoming more critical of what I keep.  Of the remaining pictures which are not tagged and at this point, not worthy, but I keep them.  Because postprocessing keeps improving.  I am still reviewing old the pictures and reprocessing a number of them, and then tossing the older processed pictures away.