Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Create a Firefly Light Image

In my last blog, I showed you a picture of fireflies lights at the stone barn and gave a brief written description on how I did it.  Today I will list all steps as screenshots to help you try to create the same effect.

Select the location you want to use. First do a image, utilizing Light-painting or adjust the camera settings so you have an image that you can visualize on the LCD screen, by setting your camera up on a tripod using a wide angle or a short telephoto lens at an f-stop or below, ISO 2500 to 3200 and take a test shot at a shutter speed comparable to mm/500.  All settings should be on manual.

Set your intervolometer or interval timer in the camera (if available) to take a photo at the shutter speed, +3 seconds, start taking pictures and then just relax.

When you download the pictures into the computer, select all the pictures that have firefly lights in it.  Then follow the sequence below.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them.  Good luck and have some fun.
Select all of photos in Lightroom
Step one adjust the base image
Step two make sure all the other images have the same white balance and develop settings
Highlight all the images and under photo, edit in > open as layers in Photoshop
After of images are loaded in Photoshop make sure that the base layer is on the bottom
Change the layer sequence, and highlight the rest of the layers

For the highlighted layers change the mode from normal to lighten
Flatten the image and do what ever further adjustments you may want

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