Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Firefly Photos

I decided to go back to the stone barn farm and do some more firefly photography.  The first evening I decided to use my 24 mm Ronikon manual focus lens on my Nikon D3s to give me a wider field of vision.  I set it up and did a a few test shots and then started an interval timer.  I left the camera for a half-hour and came back and found again that I had an FEE error message on the camera.  For some reason this keeps occurring with this lens and camera combination.  Although if I use the lens with other Nikon cameras, I did not get that same problem.  However, when I got back home and downloaded the pictures that I did have, I did have on my test shots firefly flashes.  This image was only created with three photos.  Because of the spotlight that was on behind me.  You also get a silhouette of my camera and me in the picture.

Firefly flashes in the meadow
I returned the next night, utilizing this time my 70-200 mm lens with my Nikon D3s.  Out of 360 pictures, 20 pictures had firefly flashes of lights.

Firefly flashes in the meadow and bushes
Well, I wait for next summer to return, when there are many more firefly's around so I can take  more photos, plus capture some of fireflies and get some macro pictures of them.

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