Sunday, November 1, 2015


Went out to Gooseberry to see what we could find.  All three of the scoters were present out in the day, however, they were too far away to photograph.  There were a number of different sparrows around plus out at the tip of Gooseberry Savannah sparrows.  Just prior to our reaching the tip a large flight of shorebirds flew by, which disappointed me because usually at the tip is a great place to photograph shorebirds.  The reason was a gentleman was walking his three dogs, which cause the shorebirds to evacuate.

There was an interesting stand of driftwood out at the tip which I photographed.  When I looked at the driftwood on the computer screen, it was a very bland picture.  So I decided to have some fun experimenting.  First, I adjusted the picture in Lightroom and exported the adjusted picture to Photoshop.  While in Photoshop.  I cleaned up the background, replace the background with a texture, added a little bit of impressionistic painting and then did some selective adjustments of the color.  Here is before and after.
Driftwood after Lightroom Processing
Driftwood after Photoshop and Topaz Processing
Yellow-rumped warblers were present.  One of the warblers posed out in the open, allowing clear shots of it, but, the background was very busy.  So again back in the computer.  I adjusted the picture in Lightroom and in Photoshop and then replaced the background with a green background photograph that I had taken.  Again, here is the before and after.  Which one do you like better?
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler with Background Replaced
One yellow-rumped warbler kept flying off of branches turning around and catching small insects that were in the air.  I was happy to get a single image of the warbler performing.  I would love to have the warbler looking toward the camera, but I was happy to get a single clear picture.
Yellow-rumped Warbler Catching Flies Showing Its Yellow Rump
Not to start a controversy, I believe that a photographer is also an artist, and can adjust photographs to please himself/herself.  That is what I used to do in the darkroom, the same as AnselAdams and other old great photographers.  He yes, now we do it on the computer using a digital darkroom.  Now, if the photograph is supposed to be documentary or for the news, then no great manipulations should be performed.  Please reply on the blog what your thoughts are in this matter.