Saturday, May 7, 2016

More on the Nikon D500

Great Blue Heron
The Nikon D500 is an excellent camera.  But, it is complicated and does take the time to learn all its nuances.  In fact, Nikon has published two manuals for this camera.  The first manual is the standard overlooking all law knobs and controls that make up the camera and the second manual just deals with all the settings in the custom menu.

While browsing Facebook this morning, I saw an article talking about the Nikon D5 and it is focusing.  I went to the home page of and then went to his blog site  The one item I did not read was what settings did he use for autofocus.  However, I asked the question on his Facebook site, and Richard kindly answered me with what settings to utilize.  He recommended using" mostly AFC dynamic 153. The standard dynamic modes are very trustworthy!"

Although today was overcast, foggy and intermittent drizzle.  I traveled down to Plymouth, Massachusetts and visited both Jenny pond and Nelson Beach, where I tried out the settings.  Because the light was uniform,  I set my camera manually at 1/1250, F/5.6, ISO 1250 with the exposure meter set to +1.  I use the AFC dynamic range of 153.  The majority of my pictures of birds in flight were sharp, and the noise was quickly taking care of and processing.

For the wildlife photographer, the Nikon D500, I believe will become standard in its use.
Mallard Landing
Herring Gull Landing
Ring-billed Gull in Flight