Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Life

The kids and I went out photographing yesterday and the fun part was photographing a family of goslings and a family of cygnets.  The interactions between the adults in the youngsters was interesting.  The Canada geese, adults, both monitored their goslings while the mute swan female was in charge of the cygnets.  The cob mute swan job was to protect them and he spent his time chasing Canada geese.  Nobody got hurt in the interactions.  The one thing we can hope for is that the little ones have a chance to grow up.  The biggest problem is in Jenney pond, there is a large snapping turtle that lives there and in previous years decimated the population of cygnets.
Mute Swan With Her Cygnets
Mute Swan Cob Chasing a Canada Goose Who Is Trying to Protect Its Goslings

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